Nov 27 2023


11h00 - 12h30

Seminar – Sylvain Massabeau (UMPhy)

Sylvain Massabeau (UMPhy) donnera un séminaire le 27 Novembre à 11h dans l’Auditorium de TRT.

Titre : Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy platform for spin-to-charge conversion study of spintronic emitters

Abstract :
Standard spintronic terahertz emitters (STE) typically consist of nanometer thick ferromagnetic/heavy metal junctions. While excited by a femtosecond near-infrared laser, an out-of- equilibrium spin current is generated in the former [1], that is converted to a transient charge-current in the latter, defining a spin-to-charge conversion (SCC). This current then gives rise to a linearly polarized Terahertz (THz) pulse, where the polarization can be easily controlled by a small applied magnetic field.

Owing to the gap-less and broadband THz field emitted by such ultrathin materials, STE have raised considerable interest [2] as novel spin-based devices for THz technologies, as well as an exciting platform to study the SCC mechanisms via THz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS).

In my talk, I will present the key features and recent experimental developments of the THz-TDS optical setup at the UMR, and how it can be used to probe in a damage-free and contactless way the SCC – and THz optical properties – in a large variety of materials.

References :
[1] T. Seifert et al., “Efficient metallic spintronic emitters of ultrabroadband terahertz radiation”, Nat. Phot., 10, 483–488 (2016)
[2] E. Papaioannou et al., “THz spintronic emitters : a review on achievements and future challenges” Nanophotonics, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 1243-1257 (2021)

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