Déc 18 2023


11h00 - 12h30

Séminaire – Armando Pezo (Laboratoire Albert Fert)

Armando Pezo (Laboratoire Albert Fert) will give a seminar December 18th at 11AM in the Auditorium de TRT.

Titre : Theory and numerical simulations for Spin-Orbitronics

Abstract :

The always fast-growing field of spintronics faces the usual challenges and inherent difficulties of manipulating quantum mechanical ingredients providing new ways to solve such problems. The recent discovery of the Orbital Hall effect [1] lead to new proposals for manipulating the spin degree of freedom without heavy large-Z materials, in that sense, overcoming the scarcity of materials for developing new devices. On the other hand, it’s still unclear to what extent this new ‘orbital’ degree of freedom is affected by decoherence and disorder effects, furthermore, being the angular moment a non-conserved quantity in solids [2], the efficiency of such mechanism is currently under scrutiny.


In this talk, I’ll give a short introduction to this new branch of spintronics so-called Orbitronics whereby using numerical simulations we were able to characterize and measure some physical quantities as the Hall conductivity and spin/orbital accumulation in a realistic setup. I’ll then present some recent developments in Bi(1-x)Sbx [3] where the orbital quantum number is also consider, as well as some ideas and comments in the THz emission in Spitronics devices.


  1. Hayashi, H., Jo, D., Go, D. et al. Commun Phys 6, 32 (2023).
  2. Pezo A., Ovalle D., Manchon A.
  3. E. RongioneL. BaringthonD. She,  et al.

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