Masters 2

Staff of Laboratoire Albert Fert are involved in several second-year Masters courses in the Île de France region.

The Masters 2 linked to the laboratory’s research themes are:

Quantum, Light, Materials and Nano Sciences

Université Paris-Saclay

The Master’s in Quantum, Light, Materials and Nano Sciences offers specialisation through three tracks, with cross-disciplinary courses covering the fundamental concepts and courses more closely related to the chosen direction.

Fundamental concepts of physics

ENS, Université Paris-Saclay, Sorbonne Université, Université Paris Cité et Ecole polytechnique

The areas covered cover a broad spectrum: high-energy physics, statistical physics, atomic physics, condensed matter physics, astrophysics and physics for biology.

Inorganic, Physical and Solid Chemistry

Université Paris-Saclay

The main scientific objective of this modular programme is to provide the fundamental knowledge required for an in-depth understanding of complex molecular systems, whether synthetic or of biological origin, molecular-based materials and nano-objects.

Functional materials and applications

Université Paris-Saclay

– To provide a solid grounding in materials science and an ability to master the structure-property relationships of a material in the general sense.

– Offering a balanced course between materials design/synthesis and advanced materials characterisation.

Material sciences and nano-objects-nanomat

Sorbonne Université

This course, in which six schools and universities in the Paris region are partners, provides the foundations for a scientific career in the physics or physical chemistry of materials and nano-systems, as well as their properties.

Quantum Devices

Université Paris Cité

The Quantum Devices Master’s degree provides very high-level theoretical and experimental training in several types of quantum phenomena, with a particular focus on the devices that result from them.